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The journey of Tempest was started way back in 1973 as “MARINO FEST”, by the 1973-77 batch of the Directorate of Marine Engineering and Training (DMET). This was a testimony to the fact that in spite of all the discipline and scheduled life at college, the mariners were nowhere to be left behind when it came to being involved with the city of joy-KOLKATA. It was a witness to the fact that DMET was as much involved with the city’s culture and heritage, as the rest of the city was. The first step to the fest started with two month’s stipend money contributed by four of our forefathers. ‘This’ then went on to become a stepping stone in the history books of heritage of KOLKATA and ‘MARINO FEST ’. 

The Tempest today , is a result of all the footslog of the organizing cadets , since the ushering of the festival . It would have been impossible for Tempest to prevail , if not for the founding cadets of this festival .
Tempest being a multi - event festival , is now a synonym for sublimity . Expanding its realm every year , Tempest is considered to be the largest marine festival in South East Asia . Tempest comprises of technical , cultural and sports events .It is but the participation , faring from some of the top colleges of India , that add the gist to Tempest .

As the people behind the curtains , we are happy to announce and hereby introduce everyone to TEMPEST 2017 : "Meliora Cogito"
Thematic as every year , this year's theme "Meliora Cogito" , Latin for striving for the best has been taken up to accommodate and consider each and every possibility. We hope that our efforts result in a positive way, in the form of something new and viable. We thereby put forward a series of events keeping the same in mind.

Over the years we've had star attractions like Shreya Ghoshal, Indian Ocean, Kryptos, Spunk, Sunil Pal, Ahsaan Qureshi, Zygnema, Pratap Faujdar, Kumar Biswas, Underground Authority and many more...

This year too we've been doing our homework... wait till the curtain-raiser, we're sure you'll love it.

Propulsion will be ground zero for all the priceless achievements and brilliant ideas being shared! 

Chakravyuh too will continue its superlative display of sporting awesomeness like every year. Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Badminton.... whatever be your team, if you think you can handle true greatness... come fight for the glory at Chakravyuh.

Cacophony is scheduled to blow you away with its line-up of performances.

The sights and sound of Talent in Kolkata's Got Talent, the brawn quotient Razzmatazz.

Be there to witness it all come alive.

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Marine Engineering
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Technical
  • Cultural
  • Management
  • Sports
  • Workshop
  • Masti Events
  • Robot Participation
  • Live In Concerts
  • Short Movies
  • Photography

Event Organizers Details

Abhishek Mukherjee,

student convener,

contact no: 7500006665,

email-id: tempest.merikol@gmail.com,

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Event Departments :

Marine Engineering  

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