2 Day International Conference: Rethinking the Obvious: The Rhetoric of Development
Miranda House

New Delhi Delhi

08 January 2018 - 09 January 2018


2 Day International Conference: Rethinking the Obvious: The Rhetoric of Development

Event Description

Miranda House will celebrate its 70th Founder’s Day on 7 March 2018. We are a college whose history has paralleled the history of modern India. We celebrate this landmark with a two-day conference entitled Rethinking the Obvious: The Rhetoric of Development, on 08 & 09 January 2018. The conference introspects on the choices we have made in our developmental journey, and the vocabulary that has framed those choices; on how development choices are made in a democracy, and the implications of these choices. We hope to examine the processes by which specific issues gain social consensus, priority and/or legitimacy. Since 2015, Miranda House has offered a self-financed add-on course, popularly called the Rhetoric Course, with strong synergies with the Elizabeth J. Somers Women’s Leadership Program at the George Washington University. This course focuses on building concepts that can be used to examine the rhetoric of development. We wish to use the Conference to share the insights our students have gained during this course with a larger audience. We also wish to use the conference as an opportunity to strengthen our collaboration with the George Washington University by inviting a team from there to participate in the conference. The Conference will have sessions that include both, panel discussion by eminent scholars and practitioners, as well as paper presentations by teachers and scholars. The Conference will have three sessions: Session 1: Framing Narratives How do some narratives get privileged over others? How does this influence the discourse on development? What role does rhetoric play here? How does rhetorical analysis help us understand these processes? Session 2: Constructing Identities How do ‘identities’ emerge? How are identities leveraged? What drives struggles for identities? How are social movements shaped and sustained? Session 3: Creating Consensus How is consensus created? How do metaphor, idiom and language influence these processes? What role does media play? What role regional, social, vernacular media play? For detailed conference schedule, click here. Procedure for Registration: To register, kindly fill out the form by clicking here: Once your registration application is processed and accepted, you will be informed about the procedure for the online payment of registration fees. Last date for registration: 15 December 2017 Last date for payment of registration fees: 31 December 2017. Registration Fees for Paper-Presenters/Participants: Students and Research Scholars: Rs.500/- Others: Rs. 1000/- Registration Fees cover conference kit, refreshments and conference lunch on both days. Fees, once paid, is non-refundable.

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